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ESTER, specialized OEM&ODM cosmetic company,
is ready to design your beautiful lifetime.

We have maintained our customer service competence
by retaining outstanding researchers who lead in tailored project, marketing,
production and rapid customer response.
We have every element to meet our customer’s high & various expectations
by operating a whole complete production system to produce
numerous kinds of products,
such as skin care, functional cosmetics, body & hair product and
even medi-pharmaceutical products upon customer’s request.

We will incessantly make an effort to instantly cope
with customer’s diverse & high standard demands.




07.21     Registration
05.20    Establish Ester Malaysia branch


12.13     Brand Registration


03.26     Certified CGMP


12.27     Awarded President Prize
04.22     Certified ISO22716
03.25     Awarded Incheon Mayor Prize


07.31     Move to new factory
01.13     Certified Ester R&D Center


12.31     Achieved $1,120,000 company
12.18     Certified Prospective export company by MMS
07.02     Registration for Sanitary Aid
04.01     HQ migration (HQ, R&D, product design)


10.31     Carry-out MMS Project
10.30    Patent registration (4cases)
06.20    Certified ISO 9001
05.27    Establish Research Department
04.11    Certified Venture company
03.01    Registration OEM & ODM Cosmetics Co
01.13    Register Cosmetic Manufacturer


11.10     Established Ester, Inc,.


Look for challenging person who can master knowledge and
skills with creative mind and passion.



Ester is passionate about mastering his knowledge and skills with a creative mind.
Our top priority is to select talented people who challenge new things.


Constantly developing new things
Creative finding new ways
Talent with mind


Aiming for the best knowledgeable intellectual knowledge in the field, core knowledge, technology,
Talent who strives to master competency


Projects with global insights and the right strategy
Talent who successfully promotes and pioneers the market


Working on everything with the responsibility of being the owner of Ester
Talent who has a heart to challenge new things

Working conditions

Work area: Incheo n> Namdong-gu
Working days: Mon ~ Fri / 09:00 ~ 18:00

Welfare benefits

Pension & Insurance: National Pension, Employment Experience, Industrial accident insurance, health insurance, retirement pension

R&D Center

About the Products

Skin Care

Skin Care

Cosmetic productws produced with scientific technique to produce healthy and beautiful skin and fullfill the satifsfaction of consumers.

Toner & Emulsion : Liquid / Lotion / Mist
Cream : Moisture Cream / Nourishing Cream / Eye Cream
Essence : Oil Essence / Gel Essence / Emulsion Essence
For babies : Baby Lotion / Baby Cream / Baby Oil / Baby Cleanser / Baby Bath / Baby Shampoo



Cosmetic products that wipe make up out effectively and keep skin clean. Surfactants are used to help water-based and oil based substances to be mixed well and wash off dust and other pollutant matters from the faicla skin perfectly.

Cleansing Water / Cleansing Lotion / Cleansing Cream / Cleansing Gel / Cleansing Oil / Cleansing Balm / Cleansing Tissue(Pad) / Foam Cleansing / Eye Remover



All the prodcts that are used for cleaning body and hair are included. Moisturizing, exfoliation, softening and cleansing effects are the main functions.

Body Mist / Body Lotion / Body Cream / Body Oil / Body Cleanser / Shampoo / Conditioner / Treatment / Hair Pack / Hair Wax / Hair Spray / Hair Gel / Hair Oil

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Mask sheet and daubing type of mask products provide nourishments on facial skin with moisturizing and soothing effect. Moisturing horny layer of the skin, Providing elasticity and tension, and purifying pore.

MAIN PRODCUTS : Moisture Mask / Nourishing Mask / Soothing Mask / Functionality Mask / Pore Mask / Peel off Pack / Modeling Pack / Eye Patch / Neck Patch



Following the trend with the balance of color and our originality gives new experience and satisfaction to our consumers.

BB Cream / CC Cream / Sun Cream / Sun Stick / Sun Spray / Make-Up Base / Foundation /
Concealer / Cushion Pact / Powder / Eye Liner / Tint / Mascara / Eye Shadow

Manufacturing Facilities


Subject Capacity(Volume)
Emulsion type in Bulk 1,597ton / year
Gel type in Bulk 3,564ton / year
Filling for Bottle 21,120,000 / year
Filling for tube 11,880,000 / year
Facility name Capacity Qty Products
Homo Mixer Tank 50kg 1 Emulsion Texture such as lotion,essence,sun cream, BB cream(base make up)
Homo Mixer Tank 300kg 1 Emulsion Texture such as lotion,essence,sun cream, BB cream(base make up)
Homo Mixer Tank 500kg 2 Emulsion Texture such as lotion,essence,sun cream, BB cream(base make up)
Homo Mixer Tank 1,000kg 1 Emulsion Texture such as lotion,essence,sun cream, BB cream(base make up)
Agitater Tank 2,000kg 1 Skin Toner, Gel, Shampoo
Agitater Tank 2,500kg 1 Skin Toner, Gel, Shampoo
Filler 10,000ea/day 11 Filling in bulk container
Tube Filler 45,000ea/day 3 Filling in tube
6 Lines Automatic Filler for Sheet Mask 40,000ea/day 1 * 생활공작소(Hand wash) 12,000ea(Pouch) per1facility
DI Water Purifier 2ton./ hr 2 Water


Developement Process

  • Branding Consulting
  • Customer Consulting
  • Product Design
  • Production Confirmation
  • Price Estimation
  • Ordering
  • Manufacture
  • Delivering



Ester Clients

Ester Clients



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2021 EC Declaration of Conformity

EC Declaration of Conformity – Perfect Clean Mask AntiCovid19
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Acquired 2015 CGMP suitable business certification

Therefore, the ideal stirs in order to prevent errors from entering. The ideal said that how much blood of the fallen is not blood, and is it lonely?

Contact Us

Contact Us

254, Namdongseo-ro,
Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

Tel : +82 70 7725 3360

Fax : +82 32 819 1765

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